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Louis Labonte Descendants

Generation No. 1

1. Louis1 Labonte I was born 1780, and died 1860. He married Kil-a-ko-tah (Margaret), daughter of Coboway Clatsop Chief. She died July-18-1873.

Child of Louis Labonte and Kil-a-ko-tah (Margaret) is:

2 i. Louis2 Labonte II, born 1818; died 1911.

Generation No. 2

2. Louis2 Labonte II (Louis1) was born 1818, and died 1911. He married (1) Josephte Laframboise, daughter of Michel Lafromboise. She died January-11-1864. He married (2) Caroline Montour 1843. She died August-01-1851. He married (3) Euphraise Gervais 1852, daughter of Jean Baptiste Gervais.

Children of Louis Labonte and Josephte Laframboise are:

3 i. Louis3 Labonte III, born 1857; died 1936.

4 ii. Nazaire Jeremie Labonte, born 1863.

Children of Louis Labonte and Caroline Montour are:

5 i. Alexander3 Labonte, born 1836 in Saint Paul, Marion, Oregon, U.S.A..

6 ii. Louis Labonte.

7 iii. Sara Labonte, born 1848; died 1850.

Generation No. 3

3. Louis3 Labonte III (Louis2, Louis1) was born 1857, and died 1936. He married Josephine Beleque, daughter of Cyprien Beleque and Julienne Bergevin.

Child of Louis Labonte and Josephine Beleque is:

8 i. Louis4 Labonte.

5. Alexander3 Labonte (Louis2, Louis1) was born 1836 in Saint Paul, Marion, Oregon, U.S.A.. He married Clementine Pepin LaChance January-01-1878, daughter of Susan LaChance.

Children of Alexander Labonte and Clementine LaChance are:

9 i. Margaret Catherine4 Labonte.

10 ii. Peter Edward Labonte.

11 iii. Caroline Agnes Labonte, born August-06-1874 in Dayton, Yamhill, Oregon, U.S.A.. She married Jean Baptiste (Robert) Vautrin November-24-1897.

12 iv. Mary Susan Labonte, born August-08-1875.

13 v. Martin Labonte, born October-09-1878.

14 vi. Katherine Marie Labonte, born March-04-1883 in Gopher Valley, Yamhill, Oregon, U.S.A..

15 vii. Alexander Celestine Labonte, born February-03-1886 in Grande Ronde, Yamhill, Oregon, U.S.A..

16 viii. John S. Labonte, born February-17-1888.

17 ix. Bartholomew Labonte, born March-11-1892 in Champoeg, Marion, Oregon, U.S.A..

18 x. Louis Labonte, born April-04-1894.

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